Networking & Linkages

Want a ‘one-stop shop’ to keep up-to-date on what’s going on within the sector?


Information is power!

In the Internet age, much time can be wasted sourcing information and data from an increasing plethora of sites to put together an integrated overview. It’s equally time consuming trying to find people ‘in the know’.

Community Resourcing Worldwide's regularly updated listings are sourced regionally, nationally and internationally.

The easy-to-use website lists '000s of key contacts, linkages and resources targeted, designed and delivered to meet your needs are listed according to five key dimensions critical to effective practice – News, Events, Products & Services, Facilitation & Service Enhancement and Networking and Linkages.

Building connections about innovation locally, regionally, state-wide and internationally is just one of Community Resourcing Worldwide’s goals to enhance the capacity of community services through provision of high quality information, linkages, products and services.

Key benefits to you include:
  • Connected - The various ways you can link with others in the sector from Community Resourcing Worldwide’s website means you are in total control of both how and the depth of involvement you wish with others.
  • Provides a Voice - The website provides numerous ways you can contribute your views and advice to a wider, collective voice on issues of importance to the community care sector.
  • Time Saving -  As a one-stop shop for new community care service practice and innovation you’ll save time keeping abreast of sector developments and issues.
  • Reduce ‘Re-Invention of the Wheel’ - Topical and current contacts and linkages enable you to can gain strategic and operational knowledge and advice quickly and effectively. Combined with the number of ways you can ‘connect’ with others, knowledge and learning acquisition allows you to tailor how you gather this information in a way that ‘works’ for you.
  • Confidential - Information provided by you via the merchant facility is treated confidentially and kept securely.

Community Resourcing Worldwide is very interested in recruiting new Products, Research & Development and Innovations you want to bring to the sector. If you have something you would like Community Resourcing Worldwide to consider please contact our Business Development Manager via our Contact Us Form.

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