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Transformational Boards

Transformational Boards Cover
Product No:WIL002

A practical guide to engaging your board and embracing change.

: Byron Tweeten
: 9780787959135
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Published: February 2002
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Product Description:
Organized as a quick and user-friendly roadmap for board members and chief executive officers as they reflect on their roles and duties together, Transformational Boards offers an engagement framework for board leadership designed to help boards lead their organizations through times of change.

Using this proven, highly effective model, boards and CEOs work closely together to set responsibilities, outcomes, and strategic direction for the organization.

Byron Tweeten identifies key issues with supporting research, presents practical how-to examples and advice, and includes questions that will stimulate further thinking and discussion.

About the Author:
Byron L. Tweeten is the founder and chief executive officer of Growth Design Corporation, an international resource and consulting firm working with nonprofits. He has designed resource strategies for national health care organizations, global religious organizations, community development initiatives, and colleges and universities including a national ten-campus system. A well-respected facilitator for organizational growth and strategist throughout the nonprofit community, he is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars in the U.S. and Europe.

"Transformational Boards provides practical advice for leaders to assist boards in understanding that steadfastness to mission requires constant assessment and implementation of new strategies to achieve it."
— H. Nicholas Muller III, president and CEO, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

"Byron Tweeten does a masterful job in defining, describing, and outlining the necessary philosophies and activities an organization's leadership must undertake to be effective in today's ever-changing environment-a must read for board and senior management."
— Doug Tieman, president and CEO, Caron Foundation, Wernersville, Pennsylvania

"This book presents a proactive new vision of leadership that responds to the context and environment of the 21st Century. This is an extremely valuable tool for every board of a nonprofit organization wherever it exists."
— Musimbi Kanyoro, general secretary, World YMCA, Geneva, Switzerland

"It's a book about how to engage the board in meaningful roles. I found it very helpful."
— Charles Wright, chairman, Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wisconsin and Metro Chicago, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"We plan on using this book as a study guide for a board development process."
— Paul Ramseth, board chairman, Lutheran Community Foundation

"As a board member of several not-for-profit organizations, I find the practical tips and understandable writing to be very helpful in understanding my role."

— Chris Bauer, chairman of the board, Next Door Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chapters include:
  1. Leadership Recruitment.
  2. Preparation for High Performance.
  3. Policy Review and Formation.
  4. Continuous Thinking and Planning.
  5. Positioning and Public Relations.
  6. Financial Resource Solutions.
  7. Performance Evaluation.
  8. A Final Word: The Future of Board Leadership.

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