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The Power of Influence

The Power of Influence Cover
Product No:WIL015

The Easy Way to Make Money Online

Author: Sarah Prout
: 9781742469751
Format: Paperback
Pages: 198
Published: July 2010
Publisher: Wiley (Wrightbooks)

Product Description:
The internet offers a wondrous world of possibilities for anyone with an entrepreneurial streak, including the chance to gain international recognition and influence without even leaving the house! Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook make it possible to leverage the most powerful marketing tool available—you!—no technical wizardry or design savvy required.

In this candid and accessible book, internet entrepreneur Sarah Prout reveals how anyone, with any level of experience, can build a successful online business and harness the power of influence with social media. She shares her tried-and-tested methods for networking and attracting subscribers and followers, debunks social media myths, road-tests a range of different business models, and gives you all the inspiration and power tips you’ll need to get your online business—and bank account—thriving in no time.

Table of Contents



1 My entrepreneurial adventures so far.

2 From passion to profits — the path to prosperity.

3 Five online business myths dispelled.

4 How to create a successful brand.

5 Websites 101 — the essential elements.

6 Social media and your business.

7 How to win friends and influence people.

8 Monetisation models for success.

9 The effects of online empowerment.

10 The ultimate sales page checklist.

11 The art of shameless self-promotion.

12 The importance of philanthropy.

13 Measuring your success.

14 Industry-based social media success models.

15 Entrepreneurial lifestyle design.

Useful online resources.

"Barring bandwidth costs, you could contact...1.8 billion people for free. Converting a tiny fraction of them into your customers could set you up for life." - Mark Jayner, Founder and Chairman, Construct Zero

"Influence comes from building valuable, two-way relationships, where you're as helpful to those you intend to influence as they are to you. Learning about the power of influence seems necessary in this shifting world. Start here." - Chris Brogan, President, HumanBusinessWorks.com

"Influence is not gained easily. Those seeking it are often viewed with suspician and skepticism. This book will show you the web's potential for influence and give insight into how to grow yours." - Darren Rowse, Founding Editor, ProBlogger.net