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Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Product No:WDL008

High Impact Low-Cost Marketing that Works.

Author: Neil Richardson, Ruth Gosnay and Angela Carroll
: 9780749460327
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Published: November 2010
Publisher: Kogan Page (Woodslane)

Product Description:
Fragment markets, hyper-competition and over-supply means companies must add customer value. Using social networks as a key marketing tool can lead to improved customer satisfaction, better professional relationships and increased effectiveness.

A Quick Start Guide to Social Network Marketing applies relevant marketing theory to the fast changing world of social networking.

Written by experienced professionals, it covers all aspects of social network marketing, including how to apply advertising, PR and sales promotion, ethical behaviour, how to add value for customers, how to use social networking sites to acquire, retain and satisfy customers and crucially, the future of social network marketing.

For anybody who wants to learn about high-impact, low-cost social network marketing that works, this Quick Start Guide provides an understanding of the key concepts and principles as well as insights into how theories and tools work in actual business scenarios.