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Information Systems Manual

Product No:BRAM005

Information Systems Policies and Evidence-Based Practice Guide 

Author: Bev Richardson
ISBN: 978-0-9808162-5-9
Format: E-Copy in Microsoft Word w/ PDF Security Copy
Pages: 142
Published: October 2010
Publisher: B. Richardson and Associates

Product Description

This Manual provides a structural policy framework for effective management of information and communication systems that span both internal and external environments. Good communication is the key to effective information flow. Communication is about the channels used for sending and receiving messages. Choices are often dependent on organisational structure, particularly the size and complexity of programs; the number of sites; and whether governance is local or centrally-based.

Clarity in communication is vital. In this electronic age, this principle is of critical importance in considering how best to communicate with staff and clients, and the value of supporting the written word with verbal explanations at a face-to-face meeting. The extra time taken may be well spent if it results in dramatically increased understanding. Where structural challenges exist (e.g. centralised governance and local service delivery), barriers of distance can be overcome by utilising current technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP) for visual telecommunications.

Information is power. Access to the worldwide web has increased capacity for research, education, networking and information sharing on issues of relevance to the community services industry. Strategic use of information technology systems provides opportunities for strengthening the quality of service delivery. Targeted data collection and analysis enables demonstration of successes and identification of opportunities for improvement. Together, these results build a strong foundation for evidence-based practice. This Manual provides guidelines to optimise the use of current technologies in effectively managing an agency’s information systems. 

The B. Richardson and Associates Resource Package has been specifically designed for community service providers to support them in implementing a quality management approach to service planning and delivery. Each component in the Package is able to be purchased as a single item. For example, agencies may purchase just one Policy Manual related to a specific functional area, or choose to purchase just one or two Bundles of sample templates for evidence-based practice. Service provider autonomy has been a critical consideration in the design and structure of these resources, which are designed to be reviewed, amended and individually customised to ensure consistency with organisational practices.

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Note: Customers not requiring policy guidelines can simply purchase a bundle of evidence-based practice record formats. Please refer to the related product below with the red tick.

About the Author

Dr Bev Richardson, the Director of B. Richardson & Associates, has been delivering quality management consultancy services to the community services sector for close to two decades, and has accumulated a wealth of experience both in providing guidance to agencies wishing to establish sound quality management frameworks, and in auditing compliance against requirements for a variety of national and international Standards.

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