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Aged & Disability Care Excellence

Product No:BRAMBUN

Your complete community care quality management system.

Author: Bev Richardson
ISBN: To be confirmed
Format: CD-ROM and E-Copy in Microsoft Word w/ PDF Security Copy
Pages: 1,150
Published: June 2011
Publisher: B. Richardson & Associates
Status: In Stock

Product Description

Aged & Disability Care Excellence has been specifically developed to assist providers meet the requirements of both the Home Care Standards (formerly the Community Care Common Standards) and the Human Service Quality Framework.  

Aged & Disability Care Excellence takes into account all recent funding and program reviews including all current legislative and standards changes to date 1/12/14.

Aged & Disability Care Excellence contains eight manuals of policies and procedures each with an evidence-based practice guide of sample record templates; 20 Excel quality planning registers with an instruction guide for their use; planning and evaluation tools, and regulatory references for required compliance. In its totality, it provides the framework for a total quality management system for community service providers. The bonus for purchasing Aged & Disability Care Excellence in its entirety lies in the inclusion of a Standards Correlation Guide at no cost. This Guide is intended to assist providers in completing their Self-Assessment against the required Standard, and to familiarise them with the Package contents. It provides a comprehensive content analysis of the relationship between policies, procedures and evidence-based practice sample forms contained in the package and the required elements in ten of the most commonly used industry Standards. The Guide will be a valuable resource for providers in transition to the Home Care Standards.  (Please note: The Standards Correlation Guide is not available for individual sale). Collectively and individually, all products in Aged & Disability Care Excellence are offered as CD-ROM or e-commerce resources only, and are not available for sale in hard cover medium.

Each component in Aged & Disability Care Excellence is able to be purchased as a single item. For example, agencies may purchase just one Policy Manual related to a specific functional area, or choose to purchase just one or two Bundles of sample templates for evidence-based practice. Service provider autonomy has been a critical consideration in the design and structure of these resources, which are designed to be reviewed, amended and individually customised to ensure consistency with organisational practices. The BRandA Resource Package includes:

Financial Management Manual - Table of Contents

Human Resources Management Manual - Table of Contents

Corporate Governance Manual - Table of Contents

Quality Management Manual - Table of Contents

Workplace Safety Manual - Table of Contents

Information Services Manual - Table of Contents

Operation of Client Services Manual - Table of Contents

Food Safety Manual - Table of Contents

Quality Management System Registers Instruction Guide - Table of Contents

About the Author

Dr Beverley Richardson, the Director of B. Richardson & Associates, has been delivering quality management consultancy services to the community services sector for close to two decades, and has accumulated a wealth of experience both in providing guidance to agencies wishing to establish sound quality management frameworks, and in auditing compliance against requirements for a variety of national and international Standards.