Evaluation Survey

Community Care Common Set of Standards Quality Resource Package (BRandA)

To purchasers of the Community Care Common Set of Standards Quality Resource Package (BRandA Resource Package)

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is the new accreditation body for all aged care homes, and from 1 July 2014 the Agency will also be undertaking quality reviews of all home care services. It is anticipated that community service providers may already be reviewing their systems and documentary evidence against requirements of the Home Care Standards (formerly the Community Care Common Standards) in preparation for this quality review.

Aged care providers in Queensland who include young people with disabilities in their client base are also required to comply with the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF). The Institute for Healthy Communities Australia (IHCA) is currently undertaking Quality Assessments across Queensland on behalf of the Department of Communities, against the HSQF Standards. Consequently, a number of community service providers will be currently preparing and submitting their Self Assessment documentation to IHCA, whilst others may have recently completed their external Assessment against the HSQF Standards.

Service providers who have chosen to voluntarily seek Quality Certification against the International Standards Organisation’s 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems may also have recently undergone a third party Compliance Audit, as may those who have chosen to voluntarily seek National Accreditation against the Quality Improvement Council’s Health and Community Services Standards.

We therefore believe it is timely to seek feedback from purchasers of the Package, in order to evaluate its value as a resource for providers in preparing their Self Assessments, and in assisting them to demonstrate compliance with the required Standards. Information gathered from this survey will be used to improve the Package to better address the quality management imperative of service providers. All feedback will be welcomed.

As a purchaser of the Package we urge you to participate in this Survey and provide this link to all users of the package. Respondents can be assured that all data submitted will be treated confidentially, and no organisation will be identified. Only the collated statistical data will be provided to the independent evaluator.

The survey includes 8 simple questions designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Package as a resource to assist the consolidation of your quality management system. We are also seeking qualitative feedback on the Package, and have included an additional 2 questions designed to guide further product development. The contribution of your ideas in response to Questions 9-10 would be very much appreciated.

Please complete the following Survey Questionnaire https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3FJCSRS


Community Resourcing Worldwide Team